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K8n-dl + Cm72sd512rlp-3200/s


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I have a K8N-DL with two Opteron 246 CPU's.


I also am running two CM72SD512RLP-3200/S ramsticks.


I get weird things, lockups in bios, bluescreens. Sometimes it runs fine and actually lets me get to a XP Pro install, but then it errors copying files. I've tried one cpu with one mem chip, one cpu two chips, etc... I DO have them in the right mem slots per the manual for each configuration.


Memtest actually passes on both sticks. I notice that this memory chip is NOT listed on Corsair's compatibility list for this motherboard, my question is what makes is uncompatable? Should I look at something else before exchanging the sticks for something on the compatible list? All parts are new as of yesterday, and seem okay. :mad:

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This problem was fixed by changing the ram timings in bios from "auto" (which ran CAS latency 2.5 by spec) to 3. The problems all went away and the system ran stable. We built another machine with this same exact configuration, and had the same problems. Seems there is an issue with this board and memory running at SPD detected auto settings.


BIOS was latest from ASUS.

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