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*I am not a Corsair employee or official spokesperson*


Corsair produces their modules within the availability of the IC's produced. All their modules are garaunteed to run at the rated settings and are under warranty for their lifetime. If you have a Corsair product that is defective (I.E. a module that just won't run at it's rated settings) then it will usually just be replaced. Those questions that do arise are because a huge proportion of 'faulty' modules are not bad, but malfunction due to the system they're in or the setup parameters. Correcting problems instead of replacing modules saves us all a little $$$ when we need an upgrade.


As for the memory overclocking, that's a risk you take with any module anywhere. They are garaunteed to run at their stock settings. Period. They are not garaunteed nor advertised to run outside of their stock/rated settings. This goes for CPU's, motherboards, video cards, etc, etc, etc.


I don't know this for sure, but I assume the original D9's were used because they met the requirements of the part. When those were no longer available, the Promos IC's were used because they also met the requirements for the part (I.E. DDRXXXX @ CAS X-X-X-X). This is a supply/demand scenario, not a conspiracy. Besides that, Corsair usually likes their reviewers to purchase their own modules rather than send them out. This way, they get the same modules 'off the shelf' like everybody else.


The bottom line is that overclocking is a risk, not a garauntee with any computer part.




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Well, I do understand that overclocking is not a guarenteed sport, but this what the member on my forums had to say (quoted in verbatim). :)


Basically here's what corsair did:


It made Version 1.1 of Ram with Micron D9's which overclocked great, which reviewers and early custoemrs got reporting back that these are infact D9's.


Then quickly they changed their ram to version 2.2 which have PROMOS IC's, which dont over clock for crap.


I got caught into their fish net... Read that these are D9's got em because G.Skills HZ's were out of stock everywhere i looked and payed the price.

Basically I just recieved a nearly 300$ low quality ram with Promos chips...


This so called enthusiast ram but these promos chips dont overclock worth crap! They crash in orthos at their rated speeds and only become stable at DDR800 with 5-5-5-18 timings. Doesnt matter what voltage you give it.

Its rated to do DDR2 800 at 4-4-4-12 at 2.1 volts. Well guess what it fails orthos after about an 10 minutes on those settings. Great isnt it?


Im pretty ****ed off about this, talking with newegg now to exchange these for some ram where I know ill be getting D9 chips.


Warning to people who thought about buying this ram, DONT buy this ram its terrible!


Basically cosrair is charging 300$ for ram which you can buy for 200ish!

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"They crash in orthos at their rated speeds and only become stable at DDR800 with 5-5-5-18 timings."


If this is NOT due to some mundane setting that's just gumming up the works (it happens to us all from time to time) then he's got faulty modules and deserves to have them replaced under warranty.




I've seen RAM GUY replace 10 year old parts of PC100 RAM that became defective, I doubt there will be a problem replacing these.




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