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Case #16077 some news ?


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Hello Sir

my case is 16077 and the number of RMA# R205509


the packet seem to be receive the Nov 13, 2006 in your enterprise


Have you some news about it please ?


thanks for your help sir




NB: i'm a french men (sorry about it :): ) and excuse me if i have make some mistakes on english language.

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no news for me ????


Please be patient and pay attention to the rules. They clearly state not to bump a post within 24 hours. You bumped one within 8 hours. Corsair wasn't even in the office yet to see your first post, let alone the second.


Be aware that Corsair's time zone is GMT -8. As of this post it's 3:55 PM their time.

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whe are 6 days after my last post who seem to be to speed for modos of forum well its slowy now ???? but i stop the flame about this thinks.

but it's not the subject about i want to talk now


i dont have any news about my rma i have send you all documents i can have. what can i do for have news ?


and please dont talk me about a voicebox on californie for have news because i dont understand american language on phone and i have too decal hours whith this country


Ramguy would you help me please ?



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