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D975XBX2 + XMS2 Xpert compatability ?


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Hi all,


Just ordered parts for my next upgrade incliding the Intel mobo and some TWIN2XP2048-6400C4*. I've heard that this newest Bad Ax doesn't *fully* support 800 mem. I'll be pairing these with an Intel X6700 CPU.


Anyone have any experience with this mobo/RAM mix?

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Thanks Mike,


I should have been more detailed....


What I had been reading is that the BIOS in the XBX & XBX2 mobos wont recognize the 6400 sticks and that you have to in some cases boot with another part, then manually set the BIOS, then reboot with the correct RAM.


This may have been only for earlier versions of the BIOS, but just wanted to check and see if anyone here had run into this before I start in.


Thaks in ADvance any who can help

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Thanks again Mike!


Here is a link to some of the reportsw I've been reading...




Odd that Intel is overtly advertising 800 compliance but then their tech support line is telling people that the board only supports 533/677...???



Regarding Corsair parts available... Here is the part I have




Did I misread?

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