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TWIN2X2048-6400 2Gig Kit - 1 stick bad


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I have an Asus P5N32 SLI SE Deluxe board, Intel 6700, and this 2gig Corsair kit.


Both purchased from NewEgg around Sept 18th.


I've always had intermittent "strange" problems with the system. Crashing, spontaneous reboot, etc.


Today, after much reading on these forums and ASUS forums, I believe I have narrowed my problem down to 1 stick of this kit being bad.


Current Bios settings:

FSB Optimized: Disabled

Mem Optimized: Disabled

Sys Clock: Auto

PCIE Freq. 100.0000

Mem Timings:

CAS = 5

tRCD = 5

tRP = 5

tRAS = 12

tRC = Auto

AddressMode = Auto


Mem Voltage = Auto.


Everything else Bios-optimized defaults (not overclocking)


My test:

Run 1 stick, boot windows. Load 4 copies of Visual Studio 2005 (with couple big projects in each), load 10 RAW camera files into Photoshop CS2.

Run Prime95 - Torture Test - Blend.


Fails one the one stick by the first or 2nd test consistently.

2nd Stick I ran through for about 30min with no problems.


Queestion one: Can I return just the one stick, so I don't loose my computer for the downtime/shipping time? (it's currently my main work computer)

Question two: I was filling out an RMA and could only see a barcode on the chips (both), and no serial number. This was purchased from NewEgg, I probably have the serial # from thier reciept (I am unable to find the original Corsair package-label-thing).



Updated Testing: With memtest (BootCD), fails almost immediately on the one chip. I'm letting the "good" chip run for a bit.

I might just break down and order new memory, then send both back...as I will probably build another system in a couple months anyway.

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With this memory you will need to run the memory voltage at 2.1v. This could solve your instability problems. Also, what frequency is being set for memory frequency in the bios? Do you have the latest bios loaded?


If this situation requires an RMA, you will need to return both so that you will recieve a matched and tested pair in return.

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I had Legacy enabled. Set to disabled and back to 2.1v, re-running memtest now.


Testing my "good" chip now with memtest:


Some memtest screen info:

332hmz (DDR665) CAS 5-5-5-12


Bios version was 501 (I think someone asked?)


Since I am most-likely ordering new RAM within the next couple hours, any Corsair-Recommended RAM for my board? If these current chips go to an RMA, I will use the replacements in a new system.


Although, I'm also considering another board for my main system at the moment :sigh!:


I'll post again after I've given both chips some time in memtest.

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My memory recommendation would really depend on your next MOBO. Unfortunately the current Nvidia 570 and 590 based chipsets for Intel are not OCing very well. So, your next MOBO would determine the memory recommendation. I'd suggest you pick the MOBO and use our Memory Configurator, linked in my signature below.


For your current MOBO make sure you have the most recent bios. I'm not sure if 0501 is the most recent or not.


Let me know what Memtest shows on that suspect DIMM. We will be happy to replace your memory if it tests defective.

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New motherboard is tenatively going to be





Memory tests:

"Good" chip tests fine at default voltage (I think it goes 1.9, have to verify later). Fails almost immediately at 2.1v.


Bad chip fails at default and 2.1 almost immediately...right around the 700meg mark (if I'm reading Ramtest properly).

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Let's get that failing module replaced. When you do ship them for RMA please send both so that you get a matched and tested pair in return. You can use the link in my signature below to start the RMA, "I Think I Have a Bad Part".


Also, the new memory looks great for both MOBOs. The 6400C4 Dominator will run in the P5N MOBO but at DDR667 speeds as that chipset does not support DDR800 like your upcoming Intel MOBO.

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