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Bad 8500C

Toby Broom

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I have a TwinX 2x2048-8500C5 kit, my system has had a couple of BSOD's with ram related issues.


I have never got around to over clocking my system so, I've alway's run it at the SPD timings DDR-533 1.8V.


I ran memtest and it fails on test #1 with the ram at these settings, I back off the ram timing to 6-6-6-16-6 and upped the voltage to 2.2V and it still failes on test 1.


I took out 1 module and it still failed tried the other on it's own and it's OK with the SPD settings @ DDR-533 1.8V.


Looks like it dead?


I have a ASUS P5W DH & E6600 Core2Duo

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OK dissabled USB in the BIOS

I ran the MS utility as well, does this have compatability problems?


1st Stick @ 533 5-5-5-15-5 2.1V - No errors 10 passes of Memtest

2nd Stick @ 533 5-5-5-15-5 2.1V - 1719 errors 9 passes of Memtest

Both Sticks @ 533 5-5-5-15-5 2.1V - No errors 5 passes of memtest


The errors are always in the same place 298.5MB & 314.5MB


It's really strange of those 1719, most occourred in the 1st hour of testing,

after that it seem to have settled down and there was no more errors?????


Is is OK to leave USB off all the time?


I dunno doesn't the RAM being like at stock volts?

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All electronic devices degrade over time. Some microscopic amount of change in your PSU, the memory, the CPU, the power regulation on the MOBO, etc can cause changes like this. Especially when you are running a low voltage to begin with.


Please let us know if you have any other issues.

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