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Xms3200 Pro Module Failed


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A warranty replacement from corsair has failed:




Asus An32-sli Deluxe

Amd64 3700

All settings on Auto


Memtest86 continually fails and crashes when trying to test the module in either single or dual channel mode.


The motherboard and PSU are fine as they have been tested I'am now running to sticks of Crucial Ballistix and not one crash in 48hrs.


If I do get a RMA would it be possible to get both sticks changed as they are now not a matched pair, Sis software Sandra reports that one module is pro and one is not.


Thankyou for your attention


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When testing the Corsair module with Memtest, are you disabling Legacy USB Support in the bios. Memtest conflicts with this setting and you must disable it to run Memtest. Please set the memory timings manually to 2.5,3,3,7 and the memory voltage to 2.7v.


Also, do I understand you correctly that this DIMM is a replacement DIMM? Was the original DIMM purchased as a single or, did you originally purchase a TwinX kit?

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