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Bad RAM Modules


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Hi ! A few months ago i Bought 2 x 512 Mo of Corsair Value in a store here in Belgium. They worked just fine so far.

For a few weeks though, I've been experiencing some problems with my computer and got a few "Blue Screen" from time to time. Last time I experienced such problems it was due to a bad ram module. So, i decided to run a memtest.

I ran 3 : 1 with both modules, 1 with only one module, an the last with only the other module (I plugged the modules in different ram slots to ensure it was not a MB problem).


Every test raised errors, so I think I can be pretty sure both my modules are ****ed up.


I tried to go back to my reseller, but as I haven't been able to find the bill back, he said the only way I could use the warranty is I come here and ask for RMA. Could you help me, or do you need more information ?

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