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where to place nautilus 500


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Yes, it is high preffered to be higher than everything else in the computer case. Mainly higher than the tues going into the computer.


The reaseon for this is to prevent air from getting trapped in the cold-block or the GPU blocks if so equipped. If the Naultius 500 can work out ALL the air bubbles to the reservoir and the reservoir is monitored frequently to avoid low fluid, it could sit on the same surface as the computer case. ;):


This understanding is know to most DIY liquid cooling users. They know that air in the cold-block is a big no-no that kills performance and could kill a hot running CPU.


The HydroCool was a better unit in that the temp monitor and refill alarm are key functions to locate the unit nearly anywhere near the computer. Plus, the cold-block was a smaller foot print using low flow speeds. The Nautilus 500 doesn't have those features.


So, a person would need to work out all the air back to the reservoir, run the N-500 for a few good days higher than the cold-blocks to ensure the air isn't trapped, top off the reservoir and then place near the computer. Then every so often monitor the reservoir fluid volume and once in a while lift the N-500 higher than the cold-blocks mounted in the system to purge any air that builds up over time as the fluid burps the air around in smaller sizes. It's not all that hard to do, it only requires some simple monitoring from time-to-time.


I hope that explains some of the reasons why having the N-500 up high is important if a person doesn't like to semi-babysit the unit. :roll:





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