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P5nSLI Premium & Twin2x2048-6400C4 Stability issues


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P5nSLI Premium & Twin2x2048-6400C4 Stability issues



I have had this combo for a few weeks now and I still cant get it stable. I would LOVE to hear some ideas on getting it stable. My goal is as fast as I can get without losing stability. I adjusted the AiBooster to fsb1200/800 and it absolutly flew....for about 3 min and have had a tough time getting it to boot/settle again. I have adjusted the bios back to stock settings.


I am sorry to the guy that started the other thread about this issue but that thread got ninja'd for other board/mem issues and wanted a clear answer



Can someone PLEASE help me with the settings in the bios/ai ????


P5N-SLI Premium with WiFi

Corsair 240p Twin2x2048-6400C4

Video MSI-7950 GX2

Core Duo Extreme (6800)

700W- wierd, i cant type (O)<C>|Z| power supply

raptor drive

slave drive


On some of my bios bootups I have noticed that the mem is running at like 365mhz with the settings all wrong, etc.



TY TY TY TY for helping me !!!!!!!

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