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TWIN2X2048-6400C4PRO on Asus P5LD2-VM SE


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i have a lot of trouble with my computer here's the problems :


- When i power on the pc all fans spins but there's no motherboard beep and the monitor stay in

sleep mode.

- When i get it to POST it tell me that "overclocking or overvoltage failed" but i'm not overclocking, after it boot normally.

- I also get random freeze in-game and bsod in windows(random stop error with no file associated).


Both modules passed memtest+ but strange that the speed show-in isn't correct. (CPU-Z show correct speed set in bios)

Could this be an incompatibility issues between the modules and the MB?

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I have try 533 and 667mhz (SPD timings) in bios with same problems but i finally get the computer working with RAM at 400mhz (no more boot problems and bsod but i had one restart and one freeze in a game after a week of good working). Can this be a RAM voltage problem? If so, i suppose i should wait for a new bios with voltage adjustment or buy a new MB. What do you think?
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