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Do the warrently covers this?


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My drive's usb connector is on the verge of breaking off as that it is having connection problems, the usb connector is still on, but it is having connection problems (most times it will not connect to the computer, only way is if i used a usb extension cable, then squeeze where the usb connection should be internally on the drive, then it will connect long enough for a complete back up of data....


it is something similiar to this: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/267/1


the connector on mine is still on the drive it self, but the connection is very bad, and FYI i have not hit it with a chari or anything, this is due to normal usage, and i normally have it on the lanyard around my neck (for easy access, and a fashion statement i guess....) so it did not sufferer a ride in my back pocket, some times i did remove it with a slightly upward force because the computer is not at my shoulder level, but there is only slight force....


Now is the only way for me to further use my usb drive is to do what they did? Cut up an usb extension cord, then solder it onto the drive?


Also is there a future revision of the flash voyager that address this problem by either has a internal hard case where the connector is screw onto or with a connector that will be secured to the pcb via screw?

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Ok, an update, the only way that the thing will connect properly for extended (longer than 10 minutes b4 a slight disconnect then back) is if i hang a weight on the lanyard (atm its a badge like thing that i made some time ago), then plug it vertically (instead of horizontally) into the back of the computer (where the usb slots are up and down, i have a tower)...
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