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Compatibility problem I think?


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I have a DFI nf4 sli-d motherboard and 7800GT's in Sli. My memory are 2gb's of corsair xms c2 pro 4x512mb. I do like to overclock as my Amd 3700+ is @ 2.6ghz and running pretty cool at 33'C/idle and 38'C/max. 7800GT's are running cool as well. When ever I'm playing certain games such as Fear it will freeze and sometimes it will have a sound loop and then nothing. I've checked DFI's site and Corsair is a compatible memory, but the c2 pro is not on the list. I'm wondering if this is a memory problem with this board. Besides the once in awhile annoying freeze up's, I love this setup. I have done a memory test with no errors. If this memory is not compatible with this board is there a exchange possible?
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