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Per Micro Systems, I need replacement RAM


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I had Micro Systems build a computer in April, 2006. The computer is crashing (rebooting with no warning) when I run just about anything. It's gotten to the point where I can't even run MS Explorer without a reboot.


I took the machine to Micro Center to have them run diagnostics. Per their technician, "The RAM module set has failed diagnostics", "I need to get replacement RAM from Corsair." Micro Center is not willing to work this out with Corsair since it's been more than 30 days since I purchased so I'm attempting to.


I sent an email to Corsair and got a response with a case# 23426. The response from Corsair asked that I provide a part number....so I called Micro Center (who still has my machine) and replied with the part number. Now what?


According to the warranty info on the corsair site, I need a post number and an RMA number. In order to get these, I need to post a thread. So, that's where I'm at and what I'm trying to get.




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