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Best Upgrade for A8N-SLI Premium


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Hey all.


Just have a quick question, my specifications are:


CPU - AMD64 3000+

Mobo - Asus A8N-SLI Premium

RAM- CMX1024 - 3200C2PT XMS3200 1GB 184DIMM CAS2

Graphics - Sapphire Technology Radeon X1600XT 256MB PCIE DVI

Hard Drive - Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB UDMA100 7200rpm 8MB


Now, for my question,


Im looking to upgrade my computer as its not quite cutting it anymore, and im thinking some extra memory would help a lot, from what i gather if i were to install - TWINX2048 - 3200C2PT XMS3200 2x1GB 2x184DIMM CAS2 (TX2048-3200C2PT) - in the dual channel slots of my motherboard and move the current 1gb memory stick to the 3rd slot (leaving a 4th empty) i would get a significant boost in power?


My main uses for my machine is actualy a server now, it was initially designed as a gaming rig, but i prefer to use my xbox 360 for games. i use my pc to record / convert and store videos and share them amoungst 3 xboxs running xbox media center in my house.


I download a lot, and am usualy moving large / large amounts of files on a daly basis, and making dvds.


So, What would be the best upgrade option for me? More memory? better cpu?


Thanks in advance =)

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Replacing (note: not adding) your memory with a 2 GB pack may help, but you may also see a boost w/ a SATA HDD w/ a 16 MB cache.


Side Note: IMHO, the 360's media interface is seriously lacking. Do you sort your media in a way that makes it easier to access through their interface?

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I agree, i use my 360 only for games, if you need to watch videos on it, you can use transcode 360...


but i use my original xbox modded with xbox media center installed, definitly the best media player ive found, for the price as well.


So, i'd have to replace my memory rather than be able to upgrade it? that would be extremly expensive, seeing as the memory i was looking at , the 2 gig pack was hitting £200 and the memory already installed is £90 (prices from dabs.com)


Not worrying about sata drives just yet, i do have one, but its a maxtor and its noisy, so i didnt even include it in my specs, its a 160gig backup drive.


i was looking to at some point in the future expand the IDE drives, seing as the cable is taking up so much space, i might as well use the option of a second drive, leaving ample space for hard drive upgrades in the future (can never have too much storage space!!)

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