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Hi all,


Last night I ran Memtest on the above RAM and it found over 1 million errors?!?! :eek:

I thought 1 was bad - but a million - Wow!

The system will post and get into windows but will often crash and reboot when putting it under any kind of stress.


Any ideas Ram Guy?


RAM: TwinX2048-3200C2PT

CPU: AMD 2800 X2 Dual COre

GPU: Leadtek 7900 GS

MOBO: Shuttle FN25/NVIDIA nForce™ 4 Ultra/Award V6.0PG BIOS, 4MBit flash

PSU: SilentX 350 Watt mini PSU/8-pin ATX2, 6-pin ATX1, 4-pin ATX3


Interesting bit - Mem Support: 2 x 184pin slots supports DDR-400/333 / Memory modules at 200/166 MHz up to a total size of 2GB. Dual Channel memory controller

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