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twinx 2048-3200c2pt time to RMA


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ok well i have a pair of twinx 20483200c2pt's that need an rma history is below:


having had serious problems trying to reinstall windows( bsods, boot failures etc) I decdied to do some hardware swapping/ testing, eventualing ruling out all of the hardware (including replacing my msi k8n sli paltinum, with the board that I now have, asus a8n32-sli) I decided to try and rule out the memor I took out my two slabs and stuck in a 512 slab of kingston memory, windows installed and everything worked... so just to make sure that I was barking up the right tree I bought another pair of exaclty the same twinx memory, HEY PRESTO they worked perfectly! I have tested the original pair of twinx's in various other machines and they have either caused the machines to BSOD or just simply not post at all.


By the way in anticipation of filling out an rma form where is the serial number on the 3200c2pt modules? as there is no barcode on the hologram label on these modules...

I would imagine that this is a case of rma so you thoughts please ramguy :)

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