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Which one? 520 or 620?


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I'm planning on upgrading my system for Christmas, so it will consist of the following:


Skyhawk Galaxy ALU Case

Asus Striker Extreme Mainboard

Intel Core2Duo E6600

Asus Silent Square Cooler

Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4PRO Memory

Asus EN8800GTX Graphics Card

Creative X-Fi Fatality Soundcard

Canopus ADVC Editing Card

NEC 4550A DVD Rewriter

Panasonic DVD-Rom


Seagate 250GB SATA2 HDD

1 Nexus 8cm Fan


That's what will be inside the case, outside, I will have about 8 USB Devices.


I currently run a P4 Northwood 3,4Ghz and a Asus V9999GE GF6800 with a 400W Nexus PSU.


I won't be using SLI, nor will I be overclocking dramatically, maybe I'll use the AINos function on the mainboard, but that will be all.


I have been reading some posts about the 8800GTX card, but just to be sure, which PSU would be best in my soon to be system... the 520W or the 620W??


Gut instinct says 620W, but won't that be overkill...


Thanks in advance.

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The 520 can run a single (NOT SLi) 8800, but if I were you, I'd get the 620 if the cost isn't a big concern. I've always gone for a little overkill on PSU's just so I can sit in the warm glow of not worrying about it as well as having that extra room for a later upgrade.




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not worrying about it as well as having that extra room for a later upgrade

This was my thoughts, I worked out that as I will not be using 2 GPX cards (as of now) that the 520 would do, but then I saw it only had the 4 SATA connectors and as I like to run quite a few HDD's/optical drives, and having room for the future adding of stuff without the need to guess if it will cope, and not liking to use power splitters I got the 620, in real terms of cost its not much more, budget £2~$5 for each power splitter and it costs no more money really :)

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