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Defective stick ? Corsair 8500


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Hi one of my Corsair 8500 512 stick's fails ramtest at the spessified speed.

This is the settings i use on my Abit AW9D-max...

All default settings including spd timings


FSB 356

Multiplier 9

Ram divider: 800 (2:3)

Cpu voltage 1.5

Memory voltage 2.2

Chipset voltage 1.9


One of the mem sticks are fully stable without errors in memtest with this setings (300 passes in test #5)

The other fails after 3 passes i test #5 and keeps on pruducing about 20-30 errors for every pass...

I use the same mobo settings and ram slot...

I have tryed changing the mem modules over and over again and the same happens, exept sometimes on the first boot if i have left the "defective" module in the mobo without power in some hours, then it can complete over 10-20 passes in #5 with out error's :confused:

It start's to fail again after the system has warmed up.


Is this a RMA ?

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So you are trying to run the modules at 1068 Mhz with these settings? And I am sorry but this MB will top out about 1030-1040 MHz. And errors in test 5 would suggest some other problem other than the memory. I would lower the CPU frequency and see where it starts to get errors!
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Then why is one of the sticks 100% stable thru 300 runns of test 5 and the other fails after 3 runns ? Tryed over and over again same results...

Is there any way to get the "bad" stick to run stable at 1066 ?

I will try to see if it's 100% stable at 1000...

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All voltages and bios settings stands in the first post.. Don't really get why one of the sticks manages to run test #5 hour's after hour but the other fail after just 1-2 min at the EXACT same bios settings... I even tested with the same ram slot and was very carefull that the system had been running exactly as long with one stick as with an other so it would not be an heat problem...

I know that the mobo isn't maxed i can do allmost 400 fsb with these setting's if i turn down the mem divider.

I know that my cpu isin't maxed becouse lowering the multiplyer gave the samme error's with one of the stick's (the same as allways)

What can it be ?? Belive me i wan't this to be an configuration foult as mutch as you do, i don't want to without mem for a month:[pouts:

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We can try replacing them. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part! Or *New* Tech Support Express” and we will be happy to replace them or it, please note that you are posting from the forum!
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