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Possible Memory issue

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I have/had 2 sticks of XMS3200 1024mb 400 mhz. Built the system last Nov/Dec has never been overclocked system specs are ATX, NF4 SLI, socket 939 M/B AMD 4000+ processor EVGA7800GT GeForce card I have/had 2 sticks of XMS3200 1024mb 400 mhz. Has always been extremely stable no bluescreens lock ups or anything till recently. Was eating lunch and the PC started beeping 1 beep the mobo has a digital display on it so one can read the codes was putting a C1 up looked at evga message boards and appears to be memory problem so i took sticks out and put them back in till error cleared. Ended up with both sticks back in but coulnd't get computer to get to OS was getting an error. So i thought something was fraked with the OS so tried to reload windows did a complete wipe of the HD and OS would not load from disc kept getting hung up on files like disc was scratched but it wasn't so i gave the disc a cleaning and even tried using other XP disc but same result. So this morning i pulled the suspect stick of ram out and windows is now installing properly.
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