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Suggestions to reduce pump noise


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Anyone have suggestions to reduce pump noise on the Nautilus 500?


I've been thinking of opening my unit up and adding more foam around the pump. I'm also trying to determine if changing the pump orientation is possible, and would it help at all?


Thanks for reading,


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I don't have the nautilus unit, but you might try putting rubber grommets (rubber washers) between it and the mountings. Also, go to a car stereo store and look for "Dyna-Mat" which is a sound-reduction matting used in vehicles. Works great.


As for orientation, I believe you can put that pump in almost any way you want except for upside down and with the inlet/outlet facing downwards. I have heard of some being upside down though so maybe there's something I don't know.




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Once you get all the air out of them they are pretty silent. At least mine is.


I had to pick it up and turn it upside down for a second. Then slowly rock it side to side.


You just have to be carefull which way you turn them so you dont introduce more air. The pump intake is in the lower, right, rear of the tank.


Guru3d did a review of the nautilus that has internal pics. Using that pic, flip the unit in pretty much any direction that wont expose the pump intake to air.


I slowly rolled it in various positions until all the air was out. When everything settled down the pump stopped cavitating in the bubbles and I really have to strain to hear it.


You might have to repeat the proccess several times. I did, and I even shut it down a few times between repeating the process to let the bubbles surface in the pump and radiator.


I also made sure to top off the resevoir before, during, and after to minimize the amount of air in the system. This makes the resevoir stop that trickling noise.


Good luck

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