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Corsair 2gb 133x SD card fell apart again


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I have the same problem as this thread:



I sent in my Corsair SD card for replacement. The card was gone about 2 weeks, and I received the new one in the post from Corsair USA.


So now this new one is falling apart. The build quality is the same as the first one. This type of card will always fall apart. It is a flawed design. What's worse, I have done a search on google, and am seeing lots of reports of this.








for starters.


Anyway, can I just get my money back on this card? I cannot trust it or any replacement I get from Corsair. I know it has a lifetime warranty, but it costs me $20 to send it back to the USA each time. I can get a new 2GB card for $70, which is less than half the cost I would have spent on replacing this card if I now have to send it back again.


For $130 I can get a new 4GB SD card...


So is there any way I can get my money back? If not, is there any way you can replace this card with a new model that is not built on the flawed design that the one I currently have is.


I am fairly upset about this, but am hoping that we can come to a satisfactory outcome here. Problems can happen, I judge a business by how they deal with those problems. I have heard a lot of good things about your other (non SD card) products from friends and the Atomic MPC magazine that I read in Australia. This is why I went with your brand over the other choices.


Thank you


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