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2GB SD card recognized in Camera but not PC??


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Purchased a 2GB Corsair SD (60x) this week to go with my new Canon PowerShot SD630.


The card apparently works fine in the camera. I can save my photos to it and play them back on the camera with no issues.


My problem is that the card seems to be very picky regarding where it can be read from. The card can be detected from the camera when it is plugged in via USB. However I would like to refrain from doing that if necessary.


The card is unable to be read from a Mitsumai Floppy Drive / All in one Flash Card Reader and two SD slots on two different Toshiba Laptops. The laptops asked me if I wanted to format the card, yet it gave an error saying unable to format.


The card was detected in an HP All-in-one printer/scanner/copier, however this was at a friend's house and I did not have any data on it at the time.


Is it safe to assume that the problem lies with the particular card readers being used? If so then I'm sort of disappointed the Mitsumai product I purchased isn't capable of reading the SD card. Looks like I would have to get a new card reader.

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That drive is more than 2 years old and most likely will not see the newer disks. I would check with them for the latest Firmware and drivers as that may correct it for all of the devices other wise U need to check that they will see Fat 32 or a 2.0 Gig SD card.
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