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Discontinued? CMX1024RE?


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I want to finally upgrade to 2Gb, but I can not find another CMX1024RE anywhere. I have searched every vendor linked from corsair's page, also checked ebay. I did find one seller that had some TWINX2048RE, but he wants nearly $500 for them :eek:


Is this a waste of time? Should I just wait and build another computer with a type and brand of memory that is easier to find? Or does anyone know of someone that might have this in stock?


This is quite frustrating, I was hoping to stretch this computer out for another year, but if I can't upgrade the memory, I may be stuck...

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ok, so after some research I have noticed that many server memory modules are still Registered/ECC and DDR400 PC3200


will these work in place of the one cmx1024RE I already have?, or best bet, in tandem with it?


I have noticed that the server memory is cheaper, but I am not completely sure why....


I would love to continue using Corsair Memory, but I may be forced to another brand to continue using my current configuration


any help is as always, greatly appreciated :cool:

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Your MB has four slots and if you install two modules in slots 1-3 I think it is it will be in dual channel. You can try and see if the system is stable but if you have problems I would install them so the system is in single channel slots 1&2 and go from there.
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