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Twin 2x2048-6400 Or Twin 2x2048 -6400c4?


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I have a ASUS P5N32-SLI PREMIUM WiFi-AP Edition motherboard (590 SLI chipset with EPP) with a Core 2 Duo E6700 CPU. The specs say it can run DDR2-800/667/5333. I'm need a total of 4GB of RAM.


Should I get the 6400 or the 6400C4?


Do I need to change anything in the bios to make the memory run at 800?





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Welcome to the forums, cinergi!


Since you want to run two sets together (4 x 1GB modules), you'll likely run into troubles running tight latencies. Thus, I would go with the 6400 nude version rather than the C4's unless the price difference is negligable.


Remember, however, that TwinX sets are ONLY garaunteed to run in pairs, not quads, so make sure you get the same revision and model on both sets for the maximum compatibility!




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