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replacement stick paired with another stick of non-corsair memory...incompatible?


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I posted here before about an issue with the value select 512 MB DDR2 stick and my Intel mobo DP965RY. Well, I returned it and got a replacement which allows me to power on the mobo now, so that part is cleared up because I couldn't do a POST before. Well, there's another issue.


While I was waiting for the replacement to come I bought another stick of 512 MB DDR2 memory that isn't Corsair so I could use my comp. Now, when I use both sticks together, the POST goes through just fine but Windows will not load. I get the screen that apologizes for the inconvience but Windows cannot load and gives me a list of options to choose from to which to load it. None work.


I got this screen when I built the computer using another hard drive with Win XP Pro already installed. To use it again, I had to reinstall Win XP. Do I have to do that in this case (and I hope I don't) or cannot I not mix the two sticks of memory together?


Thanks for all the help!

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