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TWINX1024-3200C2 D865 PERL problem


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I have a TWINX1024-3200C2 package and a D865 PERL (more description in my profile).


My system crashes and reboots particularly when I play a game.


I tested with memtest86+, one by one, my 2 memories without errors. But when i tested them in dual-channel mode i have errors.


So i followed intructions in the forum and i inserted 2-3-3-6, before there was the default values.But the system is more unstable.

Moreover i can't change the dimm voltage like it wrote in a thread to 2.75 because D865PERL doesn't support it (or i don't know where i can do that)


What what sort of problem it is? One by one it works but in dual channel not?

Please help-me


Thank you (Sorry for my English, I'm french)

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Why did they write in the description "Current dual channel chipsets include

the Intel 865PE/G and 875P" and "Tested and packaged in pairs

Modules tested together in DFI 865PE,Infinity test setup"[/]I in the pdf?



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