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PC3200 1G + 512 mb System Slowdown


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Oh man I'm a memory noob so please tolerate my stupidity:


I have a AMD 3400+ (200MHz x 12 multiplier x 1 HTT ratio) running on a Asus K8NE-E deluxe board with 3 DIMM slots.


I have 3 sticks of RAM:


a) VS1GB400C3

b) VS512MBKIT400 (2 sticks of 256 MBs)


When I run the system using just the 1G of ram, my system runs ok at 2.5-3-3-7 at 200Mhz (effectively 400Mhz).


However, when I add the other 2 sticks (I tried putting just 1 and it yielded the same results), the system runs at only 100Mhz (effectively 200Mhz).


I'm at a dilemma here. :confused: On one hand, the additional 512 MB of free space does provide greater stability for some heavy load programs; but it does seem that there is some slowdown due to the halfed FSB.


Should I get another piece of VS1GB400C3 to pair with the 1st one and scrap the 2 other modules if it want the RAM size to increase and still maintains at 200Mhz?


Thanks so much for any help!

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Ah! So the problem's density...I see...Thanks for the answer dude!


Ok so I'm going to remove the 2 x 256 sticks...crashed my Matlab simulation today...heh!


I assume that if I buy another similar piece of 1g ram I will be able to run at 200Mhz (effective 400Mhz) ?


Thanks for any help cause I'm planning to upgrade all 5 of my systems to 2G of RAM.

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