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KN8 SLI & Memory problem


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I have just built a new system with the following



WD Raptor HDD

AMD 64 3800 SKT 939




I couldnt get windows to install as I kept getting a BSOD or it would freeze. Messed about with the RAM and it worked but only with 1GB inserted into DIMM2.


DUAL Mode doesnt work either. I have tried different RAM (Corsair DDR400 but 512MB) but get the same problems.


Also updated the BIOS to the latest one.


It seems to me that there may be a problem with the MBO. But Im no expert.


Any help or advice would be appreciated.



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I've seen some of the first releases of windows XP BSOD'ing during installation when certain dimms were installed. The fix was to remove some of the memory until windows would install properly, then just readd the memory. Hopefully this helps...


If not.. is windows installed, and you're still having issues?



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Hi Brian,


I managed to install windows by just using 1GB inserted into DIMM2.


It works perfectly when only using DIMM2 but put it in any other slot and I get all sorts of problems which include freezes and bsod's. I really want to be able to use the 2GB I have in dual channel mode though.


I have also now tried some crucial memory and I again get the problems.


Must be the motherboard but wondered if there is a setting that is causing the problem.


Thanks for the reply.

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I havn't used that board before, but I can't imagine any setting that would be causing that. It has 4 dimm slots, and I'm guessing either, 1 and 3 are for dual channel, or 1 and 2 are? In any case, have you tried putting it in 2 and 4, or 3 and 4? Obvioulsy depending on which is dual channel...



Oh, Just read up, chances are what I just wrote doesnt apply..



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