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Bad Flash voyager...


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I'm really pissed off with Corsair.


I buyed my second Flash voyager near a month ago. It just work for 2 weeks, and then suddendly stopped to work. My reseller changed it for a new unit yesterday (I live very far from my reseller, if you're asking) and the new unit's cap don't work. Obviosly this unit isn't water-proof (because the cap don't grab, so th conecteor will be filled with water), isn't shock-proof (because if this unit falls, is hitted or anything like that the cap will fly away and the conector will be screwed) and isn't going to work for 10 years (because is very silly to pretend that this unit will not suffer any harm in 10 years).

I don't know if this unit works. I didn't tried it, and I'm not going to use it. Its the second Flash Voyager I got and again is bad, it isn't working like Corsair says; It isn't a quality product, it isn't a good choice; Even if this thing is replaced or Corsair send a new cap or anything, that's not I wanted when I buyed a Corsair product. I don't know if my reseller will replace this thing, and even more, I don't have the time to do this; I didn't buyed this thing to be sending it back again and again; I wanted a reliable and good product and I got crap two times. Next time I'm going to buy Kingston's products and hope the best.

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Thanks for answer me so fast, dude. I tried the module and looks like it works, but as I already said, the cap don't grab (is working like a Flash Voyager's cap with months of use, my previous unit's cap lost his grabbing capacity after 4 months...) and i will not take the risk.

I'm going to ask a new cap and see if it works...


product: Flash Voyager USB2.0, 2GB.

When purchased: 27/10/06, gots replaced in 07/11/06 because the original unit stopped to work, RMA 08512.

Actual Issues: the new unit's cap don't grab, it works like if it has several months of use (My previous unit's cap, a 512 FV, started to work like this after several months)

Lot code: 0638910 (in the package) 063891-0 (in the unit's backside)

Serial number: FM2690562 (in the unit's frontside)

Document number:45-00078A

Bar code: (8) 70584 00510 (0)


I believe that should be somekind of problem with lot because I'm not the first guy in having problems with the units buyed in Bymcomputer.

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