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Corsair HX620 8800GTS SLI FAILURE


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I was interested to see the release of the HX620 and had high hopes for it as corsair memory is excellent. However I think power supplies are not corsairs strong point, even though the HX620 looks like serious quality and uses high quality components it has let me down in only 2 days. The machine was ok at first, then it switched off going into windows. After that it refused to power on and crackled and popped alarmingly. Then I managed to get it to power on and the fans in my pc started undulated going faster and slower it was frightening. Switched on again and all was ok and I could play my games and everything. Switched on today and got the same rubish, this time it wouldnt even boot, just crazy unstable power output switchng on and off.

I realy hope this lousy power supply hasnt damaged any of my expensive components. I would like to put all this down to the PSU being inadequate to power 2 8800gts cards but it ran fine when it worked and the cards arent pulling full power at startup. Bad things are starting to be said about this PSU and I think it has problems. I will buy corsair memory again as it is the best but this PSU has realy dissapointed me. It is realy hard to buy a PSU these days, with machines needing so much power, you would think someone could design a decent unit, how hard can it be ? I will go for an enermax galaxy next, this PSU can go back, wont be bothering with another one. :mad:

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