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Asus A8N does not like my Corsair RAM??


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I have a new-build A8N SLI (non-deluxe) which simply will not post with either one or both of my pair of 512MB XMS3208v1.2 (0510040-2) modules.


Running an Opteron 146 at 280 x 10 (1.475V), PRIME95 stable with either an old pair of 256MB OCZ PC2700 or 2 x 512MB Kingmax 512MB on dividers, but no POST at all with the Corsair.


I can boot with the OCZ in A1 and B1 and the two Corsair modules in the other slots.


Any ideas. I have tried up to 2.8V and all my testing was done at default CPU settings and several MB Bioses - currently using an SLI-PREMIUM bios.


I get no beep, just the fans spinning up and nothing on the screen. Works immediately I swap the RAM for one of the other brands. Please help.

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