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I have four modules of Corsair CMX512-3200XLPRO in my motherboard (DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert). They run stably at a timing of 2-4-4-0 (default - i have not made any changes) however I want to run them at their potential 2-2-2-5 timing. Are there any recommended settings/bios mods I can use?


Current Settings:

CAS: 2.0

Trcd: 4

Trp: 4

Tras: 0

Command Rate: 2T

Odd Divisor Correct: unchecked

Memclk Freq: 166MHz

Interface: 128-bit

Trc: 13

Trrd: 3

Twr: 3

Twcl: 1

Trfc: 16

Trwt: 3

Twtr: 2

Tref: 3120 Cycles

DQS Skew Control: Off

DQS Skew Value: 0

Digital Locked Loop: Enabled

DRAM Drive Strength: Normal

DRAM Data Drive Strength: Level 4

Max async latency: 8 ns

Read Preamble: 7.0 ns

Idle Cycle Limit: 128 cycles

Dynamic Counter: Disabled

R/W queue bypass: 16x

Bypass max: 04x

32 Byte Granularity: Disabled (8 bursts)


I have the lates bios from DFI website


Any help or informations would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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  • Corsair Employees
First thing, you will need to set the settings manually and we officially only gaurentee the tested settings with one Twinx set of modules. With 4 modules and this MB I would suggest Cas 2.5-3-3-7 at DDR333 at 2.8 Volts and then tweak from there for best performance.
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