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My memory appears to be confused.


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I bought a 2gig Twin XMS3200C2PT set from Overclockers UK a couple of months ago. The memory was adverised as having 2-3-3-6 timings. When I put the memory in I let the bios detect it's timings. It detected 3-3-3-8. I thought this was a glitch and forced 2-3-3-6 timings as advertised but have been having stability problems. At first I thought this might be down to me trying a raid 0 setup for the first time but I've just had another look at the timings in cpu-z 1.35. According to the SPD tab in cpu-z the part no. is CMX1024-3200C2 for both modules which looks right, but the timing table says they are cas 3.0, 3-3-8 modules. I.e. bog standard non low latency modules. Is this identification normal for supposed 2-3-3-6 modules?


Motherboard is asus AV8, athlon 4400X2 cpu.

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