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Big Problem with Twin2x1024-6400


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About 2 months ago, I built a new system with ASUS P5B Deluxe WiFi, Intel Core2Duo E6600 and 2GB Twin2x1024-6400, 400W power supply from Nexus and 2x300GB HDD from Samsung (HD300LJ).


I had sometimes a big problem that my system (WinXP Prof) is restarting itself automaticaly. And other big problem I have is, that when I start my pc my monitors (2 times) stay black, only fans and LED is running. So I have to switch the power supply from on to off (several times). Sometimes I have to remove 1 pieces of my RAM from Socket. Then pc is going on.

I have using the Auto-Setting in the BIOS (I have the latest version of BIOS on my system). The automatically restart from WinXP is always there, so I have configure the system, that he should not automatically restart (force of blue screen). There I could see that he complains about memory address (but in each time, other memory address). I have tryied to remove one RAM permanently, so that I only have 1024MB Ram. It seems that the pc runs better, means no bluescreen and no problem with start-up my pc.

I have run MemTest (about 4h), there were no problems occurs. But I suppose that I have a problem with memory. What do you think, is it possible that I have problem with my RAMs anyway? What shall I do to be sure, that the RAM is defect, or other component?

I really hope, somebody could help me to solve that problem, because I need the both RAMs component because I lot of work with Photoshop CS2 and it needs a lot of memory.


Your soonest answer would be high appreciated!


With best regards




PS: Temperature is not a problem: MB about 34°, CPU about 40-50°C.

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Please try and set the tested setting with the Voltage set to 2.1 Volts and Change ‘Write to Precharge delay’ in the BIOS (same page as for latencies) from default 10 to 15. The please disable legacy USB and test with http://www.memtest.org. You can follow the link in my signature for the tested settings and all settings not listed should be set to Bios default or Auto!
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