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Bad_system_config_info Error


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Hi. I'm having some trouble with a BSOD that gives the title error (bad_system_config_info). I'm using the XMS pro 3500LL series (2GB(1GBx2)).

Upon post, my bios list my memory as checking out "okay". I've removed the modules, and placed them one at a time but with no luck. The rest of the blue screen reads:


***stop: 0x00000074 (0x00000003,0x00000002,0x80087000,0xc000014c)


I have tried setting bios to 'auto' on the dram config, and I have also used timings listed on the mem strips (2-3-2-6) at 438MHz. Is this usually an indication that both strips are dead? Please advise. Thank you.




Update: I just tried the recommended DRAM settings listed on this forum for my specific memory and still get the same error as above :(


mobo:A8N-SLI Deluxe


PSU: 580

amd 4200 manchester x63 duel


P.S. Would a bad battery cause this type of error?

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Can you tell me the exact bios settings you have set for both CPU and memory and any performance settings that you may have set?


Hey Ram Guy. My appologies, but in truth I'd forgotten I posted the question to these forums. My problem was corrected with a reinstall of windows. Nothing wrong with my corsair ram so far. Thanks, and please accept my appologies.



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