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BaD Stick Of Value Ram 400 DDR


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Hey Ram Guy , my computer\ board Asus A7N8x-E Deluxe would not booth period! I changed video card, Cpu, hard drive,checked all cable, ram slot for seating and nothing, even reset bios. It should be noted that I have the latest for my board..... Black screen power to case fans and motherboard green light only....This board has two ram configs single and dual! After almost buying a new board I took both sticks of ram out of the dual slots ..and tested them in the single slot one by one ...only one powered the board ...conclusion one stick of bad ram....I purchased this ram From new Egg 9-14-04 0r 12-10-2004 ..Not sure what reciept is for which stick? I respectfully request your blessing to forward this stick of ram to the company for futher testing\ replacement. Thanks Mello
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