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4 Gigs Corsair mem in XP not showing


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Some help would be nice.


I have a small prob with my cosair mem not showing in windows. Sandra shows all 4 gigs.


Mem type: Corsair Mod # CM72SD1024RLP-3200


Main Board: Gigabyte Mod # GA-K8N Ultra-SLI Bios ver F6


Operating sys: Windows XP Pro 64 bit


Any help in how to make windows use and show all 4 gigs would be nice.


Thanks in advance.

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The bios has no area for mem size. Just clock speeds.


Using sandra lite 2007 says 4 gig ready to go but windows only shows 3


I will attach a screen shot.


As far as compatibility I have gamed for many hours with no problems.


I was using XP Pro 32 bit and just installed xp pro 64 bit think it would fix the problem.


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  • Corsair Employees
Like I said this platform will not support registered memory they may work but they will not work properly, and if you are using WinXP 32 Bit you eill not see the full 4 Gig of memory! if its Winxp 64, there should be a setting in the bios to remap the memory and you will need to install the O.S. again to see it properly!
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