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Memories waiting at post office ....


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RMA : R201073


Hi ,


I've sent you back my memories modules because one of them has problems .

My post office told me the modules arrived on november 2nd , but are waiting there ....

By reading the forum I think it is not the first time ....

So what do we do now ???



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I don't know if your answer ("we") is humour or not ...

If you have a look on other posts below , you will see that I am not the only one to have the same problem. Corsair doesn't like french customers maybe .

Anyway , I've just sent the same message to the customer service and I hope i'll get quick answer .

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  • Corsair Employees

No I don’t know what you mean by that!

And as I said your package has not been received in our system is all I can tell you! And I have no problem with anyone I have no idea why you would say such a bad thing! Again I would suggest you call them at 510-657-8747 and I am sure they will do their best to help you!



And for the record when you post here unless you tell me you are from the Moon I have no way of knowing so what you have said makes absolutely no sense. And I do not give preferential treatment to any one,

So please do not assume because when you do its makes an *** out of you and me!

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So , I'll judge on results ...

I sent an email to the customer service ... I'm sorry , but as I said I am french , and I won't be able to have a technical conversation on phone ...

You sell products in France , but I don't think you have french speaking people to answer questions ...

For the moment I still have no responses ...

I really need my computer for my work (photographer) , I need quality memories , that's why I (made the mistake to buy ) bought Corsair memories ...

To continue my job I had to buy new modules (XXXXXXXXX this time , with french SAV) and spent 250€ (idem in $) ... so when I see that my modules are waiting at post office , when you tell me you can't get them , when you tell me to have a phone call in english to have answers and when I send an email to the customer service whithout any answer ... I am sorry , but YES I am upset ! and it is not french but normal attitude in a normal world !

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I've just check with my post office , and my memories are delivered ... so you should have them .

I hope now that it won't be long from you to send them back ...

Anyway , the problem came from my post office which gave me wrong informations ... so I am sorry .

Maybe you could confirm that you got them .. it would be nice !


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