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Thermal paste


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I have recently bought a Nautilus 500 kit, and i was wondering about the thermal paste that comes with the set.


I have 2 different possibilities:


1. Use the thermal paste that comes with the set (dont know anything about this paste).




2. Use some Artic Silver 5 paste i have.


Which one would you recommend? I know that AS5 comes highly recommended for air cooled systems so i assume its the same for water cooled ones. Am i wrong?

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I have a followup question related to the thermal paste.


The Nautilus500 instructions favour spreading the paste out evenly over the cpu surface, whilst other websites say that with LGA775 processors there is no real need to do so. Simply placing a small amount (smaller than the pictures in the nautilus500 manual) in the centre and then let the fan/mountingblock spread it out itself when you press it down.


Which technique do people recommend?

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Using a thin even spead layer of thermal paste is best. However, just to be on the safe side, do a flatness check on the cold-block. To do this, get a 6-inch metal steel scale; metric or inch, it doesn't matter for the test. Hold the cold-block up to a light source upside down and place the scale edge side across the cold-block base. Do this starting in the middle of the cold-block and notice if any light can be seen between the scale edge and the cold-block base. Rotate the cold-block 90 degrees and repeat the test.


If there was no light seem between the scale edge and the cold-block, then the cold-block is really flat. If any glimmer of light shown through, you'll need to get some really fine wet sandpaper and smooth till flat. Many of the OC'ing websites out there have the method for wet sanding to flatness is acheived.


Now, that the flatness of the cold-block is completed, you can safely use a thin layer of thermal paste without seeing wacky high temps.

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