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Mixing EPP Ram with non EPP Ram


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here's the situation, I have 2 Gb of XMS2 ram running at 800mhz at CL4 without the EPP feature.



I want to go buy another 2 Gb of Ram with the same specs as stated above but with EPP. Will mixing EPP ram and non EPP ram lead to stability issues?



This is on DFI infinity NF Ultra II N2 Board.


My gut tells me it shouldn't be a problem but I thought it was better to be safe than sorry after putting down a nice chunk of change for the memory.




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keep in mind that 4 sticks will generally run slower than 2 sticks due to the load. Why 4 GB though?


Cause I'm running Gaussian 03 a quantum chemical program that uses huge matrices to calculate properties of molecular systems.

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