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2 bad modules (?)

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These (2) 512mb sticks (VS512MB400) have served me well for a good while...are they now dead?

I have swapped these around, tried them one at a time in both mem slots.... the only thing I get is a tone from my bios (1 lllllooonnnngggg tone for 3 seconds that repeats every 3 seconds for as long as you leave the computer on. (IE no memory found)


Monitor will NOT come on (obviously)

Tried clearing CMOS too, no change.

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2 bad modules...while unlikely it remains possible both have ceased to function simutaneously.


Unfortunately my backup computer only supports SD, so no, I have no other way to test it. My backup uses SD and my MAIN can use either....so if my main boots off of SD would that suffice as a test?


Let me know please... this SLOW computer is aggravating to work with!!

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Ah ha....problem solved.... I located a spare 512mb module of PC2700 hiding in my spare parts bin.


Unfortunately it did not boot my system either.....looks like my memory may be OK. I won't know for sure until I get a new mobo or processor...time for an upgrade anyhow.


Can you please keep this support / claim - not sure what number you refer to it as - open? I will have a new setup shortly.


PS: Will this memory be sufficient it an ASUS A8N - SLI Socket 939 with an AMD 3500+ Venice core? I don't game, but I don't want bottlenecking due to slow memory either.


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