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Compatibility with ASUS M2NPV-MX motherboard


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Do I need to force the ddr2 voltage to 1.9 volt in the motherboard bios

because my computer sometimes reboot by itself if I do some memory

intensive tasks. Also thanks for your reply it was highly appreciated.





Hirak Dipta Sarma

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I'm having some problems with this combination as well. With the original BIOS version (04xx) I could only boot with the voltage set to 1.9. The only other setting was "Auto". With the latest BIOS (0504) the available settings are the same, but it seems to work correctly with "Auto". The release notes for the BIOS mentioned that the default voltage had been changed.


I haven't had a chance to test comprehensively with the new BIOS yet, but with the old BIOS set to 1.9 I still experienced strange problems quite regularly (applications failing to start, lockups). I'll post to update you on whether it's all working now.

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