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1:1 with P5B Deluxe + Conroe 6600 + 8500C5


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It depends on what you are trying to achieve! And I would look for the setting called ‘Write to Precharge delay’ in the BIOS (same page as for latencies) and change it from default of 10 to 15 and see if that helps!
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I'm running my modules at:


5-5-5-15-6-42-3-11-5-14 @ 2.25v and it is completely stable


9 hours memtest no errors!


do you suggest me any lower value for any of the settings above?


you said from 10 to 15 i have it 14


do you think that i can set my fsb to 400mhz and multiplier to x6 so to have the 2.4Ghz of my cpu's stock speed and having the modules run at 1:1 at 400mhz (DDR-800) at 4-4-4-12 timings?


if yes, can you please tell me the rest of the timings? 4-4-4-12-?-?-?-?-?-?

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