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M2npv-vm & Vs512mb667d2


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Im having problems installing windows XP with this motherboard (using latest bios version 504) and ONE single stick of Corsair Value Select DDR2 667MHz RAM (VS512MB667D2).


After XP copies to the HDD and reboots to continue the installation just after the windows logo I get a BSOD with a stop 0x0000007B error!


Can this mobo run just with this one single stick?? I have the RAM running at default (auto) settings in the BIOS.


Please help this is urgent.


Thank you.


EDIT: Oh btw... I tested the RAM with memtest 1.51 and it passed 5 times, and this mobo is part of the V2-AH2 barebones system.

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Hello RAMGUY or whoever knows their stuff I need an answer because this machine needs to be built and delivered by tuesday.


Can you give me a reply please or advice as to how to get this single module to work with the computer. I've replaced the hard drive with a different SATA one and got past the 0x0000007B but now the computer keeps rebooting itself after the Windows Logo.


What to do !!!! I need an answer like yesterday. Sorry for sounding pushy but this is pretty urgent now.

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3. Yes, it can run with just one stick. All systems can do that, aside from old RDRAM and EDO systems.


4. Have you tried a different XP CD, or a different CD ROM?


You would think that wouldn't you? But according to this page:




The RAM is compatible to work as a matched pair but not as a single pair... :confused: which is why im trying to find out if it really is the RAM that is the cause of these problems. :roll:


and yes I've tried different XP CDs.


Thank you for the reply.

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