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wrong replacement again


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hello, i have sent a few emails to the warranty department but i'm not finding their communication as fast as it was the previous times. i.e. i would recieve a reply the next day.


heres what was in the email,


new up date, i just recieved the second replacement RAM from the courier.

it's 2x CXMS512-3500LLPRO, still not the 4000PRO i originally sent you.


It was 23 August when i reported the set of CXMS512-4000PRO RAM as faulty, recieved an email that an RMA # was to be emailed soon.

six days later i had to email corsair to "remind them" that i was still waiting for the RMA, it was finally sent(R146196)

one month later i recieved a replacement set of ram. problem was that it was a set of 2x CMX512-3200PRO RAM so i sent the email below and the reply is also below.

now another month has passed and again the wrong ram has turned up, was this a second mistake?


please reply soon, i would like to finally get my PC working properly this year :D



the previouse email

It seems as if the wrong part was shipped to you. I will have to open an RMA to receive your kit of CMX512-3200PRO and replace it with the CMX512-4000PRO kit instead. I will email you by noon today (PST) to give you an update. I will also provide you with our UPS account # for the freight charges. Thanks!!!


I have recieved no reply at all about this and am getting quite annouyed and concered that corsair have decided to "forget" me. if they are looking into the problem and what is the cause, could they atleast let me know they have recieved the email, please?


I dont understand how this could've happened twice, there seems to be a serious problem with dispatch or communication.


I would like to get this issue resolved ASAP, it's been over two months now and i'd like to get this computer working like it should soon.


on a good note though, up until now, corsair customer service has been great. the replys were fast and as far as i know, corsairs replacement turn around is fast.

its now just the problem of the wrong part AGAIN and now complete loss of communication. i'm sorry if i'm not as much of a priority as i was.


please help.

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  • Corsair Employees
XMS3500LL is a better module and will over clock better, please try them.


I have answered in another thread, please do not double post.

And if they will not work for you I would call them at 888-222-4346 or reply to the last email you got from them!

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I have answered in another thread, please do not double post.

And if they will not work for you I would call them at 888-222-4346 or reply to the last email you got from them!


this is the customer care forum, i posted here first thinking customer care look after this part of the forum then gave you an update and a thank you on the original thread which is the warranty forum, which to me is now not the correct place for me to be making comments. sorry that i was wrong.


so from now on i shall reply from here.


as you will have read from the first thread, i have done as you have suggested and tried the ram, i'm really not happy with it.

I have done exactly the same as i did when the first set of replacements were wrong, i replied to the first email, i recieved a reply the next day. this tiem it's been about 7 days and still no reply. about 5 days ago i sent an email to the support and also the warranty address's.

I live in NZ and would rather a 0800 number or a NZ number for me to ring.

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Edit: after all that, i didn't say "RAMGUY, done and sent"


888 is the same thing as 800

umm, unless corsair arent acually a company and are accually a nice lady who just happens to have a a free phone number thats the same. Yes i had already tried that :p:


I have alaso already emailed ramguy before (3 days ago), and the rma dept (also 3 days ago) and have given alternative emails, phone numbers (both home and work) with area codes and country. i have also been adding a summary which includes RMA numbers. i've tried from different email address's.

If i try any harder to communicate, i may be arrested for stalking or disturbing the peace.

i have even asked for some one to just reply so i know the email was recieved.

Sadly these forums appear to be the only reply i'm recieving.


okay I've had my B%*#&, and as you cn see, i've tried my hardest and have been fairly polite in my emails, no swearing, no blame and no name calling either.

RAMGUY, i have even CC another address as well, i recieved it straight away so my anti-virus/firewall/spam filter is sending and recieving emails.


any other suggestions?

thanks again, i dont mean to write novels, just wish to cover all possabilities.

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  • Corsair Employees

First thing, I am sorry that you got the wrong modules but you will have to talk to our customer service there is nothing I can do other than point to them which I have done!


Second thing, our hours for Customer Service are from 8:00AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time Monday Thru Friday excluding holidays and there are two phone numbers 888-222-4346 for Customer Service and 800-205-7657 for Tech Support! However I am sorry but these will only work in the continental US. So the main number is 510-657-8747 and Dial "0" if the toll free number does not work for you!


Third thing, I am sorry but Monday morning is a bit backed up from the weekend and we have a few people out sick with the flue so it’s pushed back a bit further than normal. Again sorry for that, but I am sure they will get you taken care of ASAP!


I will do my best to find your email first thing in the morning in our support email and see that Customer Service gets you taken care of ASAP!

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Okay, i have recieved a reply from corsair, finally.

I think things are sorted out, they have now told me the same as you did back when this started. that the 4000PRO are obsolete and have now told me what they are sending me instead. i aslo have another RMA niumber which is R204719 (incase RAMGUY wants to know).

I dont think there will be any problems with these. i will have to be stupid to say they are not as good as the 4000PRO, infact, on my DFI mobo, i expect them to be just as good which is perfect.


So if you have helped in this going forward, i would like to thank you RAMGUY and say exactly what i have before, Corsairs support is good and quick, it just wasnt this ONE time. which isn't bad at all considering.


I look forward to recieving the new ram (hopfully the correct ones this time ^_^ ) and wish to say again, i am a corsair supporter and this experience has not changed my mind, i hope thats okay with you. :)

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