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I may have bad ram.. you tell me.

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ok i may have bad ram.. the problem is i cannott get memtest to boot on startup to find out.. all it says is that it detected a mouse.. then gives the little type thing.



Now i am positive i have a ram problem.. because i always have corrupted data in my games.... and random crashes of the games. .with a _____ has just encounterd an error message..


if anyone has any ideas on what i can do to find out if my ram is bad .. other than using memtest it would be great..


My system specs are as follows:


amd athlon 64 x2 3800 (non overclocked)

2 geforce 6600 gt in sli.

2 gigs of corsair xms pro memory (with led)

120 gig western digital harddrive..


Also if someone can tell me what the memory leds are supposed to show on startup that would be great. cause as of right now .. i always have 1 memory module showing a yellow bar about 3 down from the top.. and the rest dont show anything on startup.

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well that is the problem.. you see.. i have 4 512 sticks that i need to check.. and im not even sure witch one is bad...



but i can give you the part number for one of the sticks if that is all you need..




^ i think thats the part number.. if not just say so and i will give you another.




As for the other stuff you asked for.. im not sure but whatever it is its the default setting.. cause i have never screwed with it

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ok... i finnally got memtest to work.. and on one of my four modules i have this:



test0: 0 errors

test1: 37 errors

test2: 353 errors

test3: 1805 errors

test4: 69661 errors

test5: 460 errors


so i can pretty much assume i have a bad stick of ram here... my question is can i use all three of my remaining good sticks.. or seeings how its dual channel do i have to only use two..


and if anyone knows the typical time it takes to get a product replaced that would be greatly apreciated...

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