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Sapphire A9RD580 + 2x CMX1024-3500LL


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This is my setup:


Sapphire A9RD580 + AMD64 3700+

Corsair 2GB Dual channel (2x CMX1024-3500LL 438MHz 2-3-2-6)


Are you able to tell me if a) this RAM is compatible with my motherboard, and the settings I would need to have to get my system running stable; b) what RAM would be compatible with my motherboard.


I had lots of crashes when I intitially installed the sticks, so I changed the slots they were in and it helped a little bit. It seems to run well with just 1 of the sticks in. Ive kept all the settings at SPD, I haven't been able to find specs for this RAM anywhere, not even on this site...


Can you help?

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