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Mislaid replacement parts? RMA status?


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I'm getting really disappointed by the warranty department. They approved an RMA, the faulty memory modules were shipped back to Corsair one month ago and now I can't seem to be able to get any clear status whatsoever.


After waiting and finally asking for a status, I have been told that UPS was delivering the package, but the tracking number got me the information that this package had been delivered to someone else in another country. When I asked about that to Corsair, someone (Tina) told me this:


I checked the UPS tracking number and it says “RECEIVER REQUESTED TEMPORARY CHANGE OF ADDRESS; THE ADDRESS HAS BEEN CORRECTED. THE DELIVERY HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED”. The package was delivered to the temporary address that had been provided. You will need to contact UPS to see if they can locate the package and have the package delivered to the correct address."


So do I really have to sort things out with UPS, when I don't even know whether this package is actually intended to me? And do I have to do that when Corsair handled the delivery with UPS (I don't think UPS would even bother to answer me on that, and they would be right, I'm not their customer)? It doesn't sound too professional to me.


I've tried to contact the person again in the warranty department but no feedback. Neither from the generic "customerservice" address. It's really getting upsetting, I can understand that parts fail sometimes, but the response times claimed by Corsair are long overdue, I have a computer that has been useless for more than one month and I don't even know what is going on (the fact that I'm in Europe makes it a little difficult to contact people directly, and it's a long time to get any answer by email).


Does someone have the email address of a responsible person at Corsair that could help with this?


Issue case number: 210768

RMA number: R154841

Provided UPS tracking number (probably wrong): 1Z 966 E65 67 6500 897 6


Thanks for any help!

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Your RMA shows by UPS that it was delivered on the 31st of October, and the package was signed for by Erickson. at the reception desk. If you have not got the package please check with that person if you cannot find the package please call our customer service at 888-222-4346 and I am sure they will do there best to help you!
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I could try that as soon as I have a chance, thanks for the tip. But why won't they simply help when I send an email? It's much easier to give all the references and addresses this way, especially when it's not in the US.


It shouldn't be THAT difficult for that person to check if the tracking number she gave me was correct or not, and if it is correct, to check why the wrong address was given to UPS. In this case, I don't see another way but to send other replacement parts again, I don't think you'll ever get the first set back.


Taking care of customers (especially when Corsair is wrong) can't give a company a bad image, at least that's what we're told over here.

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