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Need a little help with my bios and My corsair RAM.


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If you look at my profile you will see my rig. I recently added this RAM to my system. I had soem ****** "stolen" and replaced with some generic POS RAM. Hard to believe? I thought so too till I came home and my computer was hickuping in Everquest 1. Knew something was up.


Anyway, to make a long story short, ******* was decent and cheap. But I heard that this RAM was the most stable for my setup and was within my budget.




Corsair DDR400 1024MB x 2 (CMX1024-3200 / XMS3200v5.1)


NOTE: I actually have 4 sticks of this. I plan on duelbooting a Vista x64 RM when It's available or maybe just x64 in a few days. Thing is, I had some instabillity in my i386 version of XP Pro on a new install. The BSOD was " IRQ (or maybe not IRQ, cant remember now) LESS THAN " or something like that.


This would happen right after the Windows XP clean install would almost be ready to complete. Then the PC would reboot and setup would start over again after the Windows Splash screen. thing is, I never had this issue with the ****** in my A8V Deluxe. I'm sure It's the settings or something, but maybe I am wrong. I know that Windows XP Pro (x32) can not utilize more than 2GB unless you use some /switch command in the boot sector or something. Then It's not actually true RAM, but not exactly virtual I have been told. Kind of complex and I thought to myself.. meh. But besides that, I could usually keep all 4 sticks of RAM installed in the MOBO even with x32 version of XP Pro and I had no instability (BSOD) etc. I found it impossible to install with all 4 sticks of this Corsair.


Moving on...



There is two reasons I am here today. I want to run a duelboot eventually, so I will need (want) all 4 sticks (4GB) of RAM in my rig at some point. Also, I run a few Live Linux OS's that can use all 4 Gigs of RAM.


But for now, I can do with 2GB in x32 Windows. Question is, can I stick all 4 in anyway (Like I did with the previous ****** RAM)? If so, I need some help in the Bios department of the Asus A8V Deluxe. I am running the latest Bios Build BTW. May be F11 or F12, can not remember, but I recently upgraded it a few weeks ago successfully and the ****** was fine after the upgrade (4 sticks in x32).


Bios Selections:


I read a few posts beforehand, and read that Legacy USB setting should be disabled. No problem, I'll disable that.


As for the Bios options for the RAM section, there is quite a few more options than the basic RAStoCAS, tRCD, tRP, and tRAS. Such as this screenshot:


Note: There are a few options missing. I will explain this after the screenshot. May be because the bios build is a bit older.




I basically need to know what to choose here (from screenshot) otherwise It's set to auto:


Bank Interleaving: Enabled or Disabled?

Node Interleaving: Enabled or Disabled?

Burst Length: (think this says that x64 dq requires 4 beats, so I've always left this at the default (4). Friend told me to use 8 so I am confused. I'de rather leave it to you experts :)

CAS Latency (CL): Auto

TRC: Auto

TRFC: Auto

TRCD: Auto

TWR: Auto

TRWT: Auto


TRP: Auto

TWCL: Auto


Note: I do not remember seeing: "DRAM Over 4G Remapping" which brings me to the next option that is actually missing in the screenshot. I take it, this is the same but just reworded differently? :)



hardware memory hole -- I think this has something to do with the memory and I/O space to be remapped with AMD proccessors. If so that should be set to on correct? Or only on when using 5sticks of ram (my goal). Enable or Disable this?


Do I set up the options above depending on if I am using 4GB or 2GB of RAM?


If so can you please (one of the Gurus here) please post both alternatives? My RAM states the timing is: and I take it thats cas/trcd/trp/tras. I have not even set that yet. Wanted to ask you guys first before screwing anything up. I really hate BSOD's, they are evil. :evil:


Thanks for taking your time out to read this post. I am sure this RAM is great. Reviews over the last decade cant be wrong about Corsair :) Funny thing is, I almost chose ******** but felt that I could trust Corsair for stability more hehe. I understand It's most likely my fault and bios issues, so I am NOT blaming the RAM like many people do on these forums. I admit my noobness hehe.


Have a nice day!



-WTFsoup.com (owner and admin)

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By the way, i bought the ram in 2 TwinX packs:


Part Number » TWINX2048-3200


Type » DDR-400 (PC-3200)


Size » 2GB Kit (2 x 1GB)


Latency » 3-3-3-8-2T


Package » 184-pin DIMM


Heat Spreader » Black


This is the pack model info.

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Hmm, after I did some tweaking, and Overclocking for a tighter timing (read several posts on people who achieved the same timing with the 3-3-3-8-2T as the 2.5-3-3-6-2T..


So this is what I changed:


DDR Voltage: 2.70v

CAS: 2.5 (AMD)

tRCD: 3T

tRP: 3T

tRAS: 6T

2T: Enabled

Mhz: I chose 400 rather than the default 200. This is not 1:1 ratio that is next to the 400Mhz. 400Mhz was 2:1. Plwease see this screenshot of my bios' portion of this:




Since I am using Cas 2.5 should I be using 400Mhz if its stable which is 2:1 or 200Mhz? WHich is faster rather than more stable. I say this because I have no had any lockups in the past hour. Looking good so far. Ill have to try a burnin.. Course, after you help me make a choice with the1:1 200mhz or 2:1 400Mhz. :)




On a sidenote, I was very tempted to OC my CPU. It's not stock cooling, its a pretty nice big Zalman copper fan with Artic Silver 2 applied. I always screw up when I OC the CPU..


Also I have a FX-57 and it has unlocked multipliers and is supposidly great for OC wven on air, and this aint stock air :D I tried changing the FSB Mhz from 200 to 215 and it froze after windows booted up. Course I did not change the voltage or the multiplier at all. not sure if that would have been a factor. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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